Workshop with Pietro Corraini

Our second workshop was held by the Italian publisher Pietro Corraini. He introduced us to some famous books by Bruno Munari and other designers, which helped us to catch a glimpse of the various methods used to create unique and appealing books for children.

Then we were supposed to create small, handcrafted 16-page booklets for children on our own. After presenting the general concept of each book to Pietro Corraini one was given conceptual and methodical advice how to work further on the booklet. He guided us throughout the entire developing process and assisted whenever there was a question to be answered.

There were very different books as a result in the evening. Some booklets required direct interaction with the reader, others involved the reader by mirroring them or animated
them to look closer. We would like to thank Pietro Corraini for the very interesting day and the friendly and personal atmosphere. Here some of our results.

Corso 2011-2012